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The smart travel solution for developments

Electric, hybrid and petrol vehicles to fulfil your planning obligations

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Provide residents with 24/7 access to on-demand vehicles

  • Fulfil your Section 106 planning requirements

  • Increase attractiveness of your development

  • Reduce resident car parking demand

  • Provide residents with an innovative, sustainable mobility solution

Three Simple Options


Exclusive resident access to dedicated vehicles on-site

Dedicated + Open

Vehicles on site for residents and members of the public

Membership only

Resident access to all vehicles in the Ubeeqo fleet at a competitive rate

Your tailored solution can include:

Vehicle management

  • Dedicated fleet team

  • Maintenance and parts, servicing, insurance and claims

  • Accident and roadside assistance

  • Fuel or charge card per vehicle

  • Hardware and software vehicle connectivity

Car sharing management

  • Customer service hotline

  • Account Management support

  • Bespoke marketing service*

  • Electronic logbook

  • Online portal access to invite employees, check usage and expenditure*

On-site service

  • Transfers to servicing garages and tyre changes

  • Warranty and maintenance of the hardware

  • Interior and exterior cleaning

  • Vehicle delivery and return

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Introducing Ubeeqo in your development will provide prospective residents with a convenient car sharing service and help to improve your image as a sustainable, innovative property developer.