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Ubeeqo, the best car sharing service in Europe

Driving something big together

Ubeeqo is born to redefine the concept of car sharing, helping the industry to become the standard for urban consumers by recognising their huge diversity and helping them to emotionally connect with an otherwise utilitarian mobility service.

We are looking to hire people with big ideas who can help change the car sharing world daily


We have a lot of experienced developers and everybody is super nice and open-minded. They will help you and you’re going to learn super fast. We are looking for talented people who have a can-do attitude, are problem solving oriented and love teamwork. At Ubeeqo we're trying to push people with some new and brave ideas and if you’re somebody like that, you need to join the company!


I am the CTO of Ubeeqo. My role is to serve the engineering team to make sure they can fulfill all the challenges we have ahead. We are organized in squads. Each squad is a unique unit, which is able to deliver on a specific mission. As a part of Europcar Mobility Group, the challenges we have ahead are providing our customers with mobility solutions. We want to deliver mobile applications and web applications, so they can use any mobility service they require in a very seamless way. We are reinventing the traditional rent a car experience.

Our mission

  • We’ll give you the vehicles you need to share between employees and departments.

  • Our in-car technology means no need to worry about car keys. Book online or via our app.

  • Customise our platform and use it for easy tracking of use and expenditure.


Choosing how to move is like choosing the clothes you wear. It says a lot about you. Nowadays, mobility is about self-expression. And Ubeeqo encourages you to use it to its fullest. Whether you need a car for daily runs or important work meetings, you can use Ubeeqo to indulge yourself or, to help a friend. Be who you are, behind the wheel. Our cars celebrate, your individuality and uniqueness. Only Ubeeqo puts those knowing wheels to your lifestyle, through the streets and through life.
We are Global

We are Global

With offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and many more to come.

Ubeeqo is a European company specialising in fleet and mobility solutions for the business and consumer market. Europcar became a majority stakeholder in 2015, as part of its strategy to extend its mobility offering in response to its customers’ challenges, with simple, turnkey solutions.